Fundraising with Cantilon!

Cantilon offers fundraisers that make sense for the lifestyles of our families.  We want our fundraisers to be easy, desirable, and worthwhile!

We have several group fundraisers that you can choose to participate in.  The funds raised with group fundraisers go directly to Cantilon’s general account and help us to continue offering our choirs to you by contributing to rent, staffing, and administrative costs.

We also offer individual fundraisers.  What this means is that the funds you raise go directly to your account to make paying for choir feasible for your family.  Cantilon does not benefit directly from these fundraisers, the benefits all go to you!

Take a look at the fundraisers we offer and participate in what makes sense for you to help our program thrive!

Group Fundraisers:

  • Mabel’s Labels
  • Orange Avocado Jewelry

Individual Fundraisers:

  • Purdy’s Chocolatier (Christmas & Easter)
  • Fundscrip (Grocery Cards & Gift Cards)
  • DeLong Farms Wreaths (Christmas)


A new way to fund raise with gift cards!

Cantilon has signed up for an online fundraising service called FundScrip to replace our grocery card program and help you to fundraise for your personal account!  With FundScrip you can purchase gift certificates for retail stores, grocery stores, gas stations, ect. and receive back a portion of the cost.

To participate you register yourself as a part of the Cantilon group online and then order your own cards to be delivered straight to you!  Order cards for your own family, or make it a very effective fundraiser by ordering for friends and extended family as well!  The Cantilon Office will receive earnings direct from FundScrip along with a list of who ordered.  We will assign credits to your account just as we did with our grocery card program based on how much you earned by ordering online.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Use direct debit or e-transfers to pay so that you don’t lose out on earning percentages
  • Choose your shipping method – going through Canada Post will only cost you the price of a stamp
  • Purchase cards for friends and family to earn more
  • Or invite your friends and family to sign up online and purchase themselves, but don’t forget to tell Cantilon that their earnings should be applied to your account
Register & Order Now!

Orange Avocado Jewelry

Sandra Paetsch of Orange Avocado has partnered with Cantilon Choirs to design jewelry unique to Cantilon! You can purchase a beautiful bracelet and charm either together or separately and 25% of the proceeds will generously be donated to Cantilon Choirs on your behalf. Every year we hope to have a new and unique charm to add to this line of Cantilon Jewelry.

How it works

You can purchase a beautiful bracelet and charm either together or separately; 25% of the proceeds will generously be donated to Cantilon Choirs on your behalf.

Turnaround/wait times

You may expect to receive your jewelry 2–4 weeks after your place your order.

What’s the cost?

Bronze pendants: $45 | Silver beaded bracelets: $75-95

Show me the order form!

Purdy’s Chocolatier

Please watch your emails from Cantilon for details about upcoming orders.

Order Pickup

Dates and times TBA at Robertson-Wesley United Church.

Mabel’s Labels

Mabel’s Labels are durable, removable labels to use on your kids’ school stuff as well as many other places in your life where you want to keep track of things or keep them out of the lost and found.  They are dishwasher and washing machine safe but are not hard to remove, if necessary.  You can customize the colours, icons and font on the labels and they come in various sizes and shapes.

You order them online and they are delivered to your house, free of charge.  Cantilon receives approximately 20% of sales.

To order just visit the website ( and select “Cantilon Choirs” from the drop down menu of organizations.  You will need to scroll down to the alphabetical section.

Contact: Heather Friedenthal ([email protected])

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