Our Programs


Ages 4 to 6

Primary Choir

Primary Choir
Ages 6 to 9


Children’s Choir
Ages 10 to 14


Chamber Choir
Ages 12 to 19
(Treble Voices)


Belle Canto
Adult Female Voices


Vox Hominis
Changed Male Voices

The Cantilon Choral Program consists of several programs whose constituent singers come from the Edmonton Capital Region:

The four KinderSingers choirs (ages 4–6 years) and two Primary Choirs (ages 6–9 years) are intended to provide a child’s first exposure to choral music. These choirs are non-auditioned, making this holistic music education available to all children. Musical games help young singers to develop an understanding of their individual musical and vocal abilities, while rehearsals and performances teach them how to use these skills collaboratively as part of a choir. The Primary Choirs develop young musical persons further, building on the skills acquired in the KinderSingers program and introducing more challenging repertoire.

Cantilon’s two Children’s Choirs (9–14 years) accelerate musical and vocal development by more, and more advanced, training in vocal production, sight singing, ear training, music theory, and general musicianship. Through a shared interest in music making, choristers develop strong personal commitments to each other and to their art. This commitment is shared with audiences at music festivals, formal concert performances, and community events. These activities foster co-operation, confidence, respect, and a level of musical knowledge and understanding beyond the choristers’ years.

For artistically and musically mature musicians, the Chamber Choir and Belle Canto choirs form the touring and recording core of the Cantilon Choral Program. Singers are selected for these choirs on the basis of auditions that gauge not only musical ability, but also the choristers’ the commitment to the art of choral music and their desire to share their talents with audiences at home and around the world. 

The Chamber Choir (treble voices, 12–19 years) is Edmonton’s only professional-level children’s choir. The women of Belle Canto (female voices, no age restriction) are committed to performing music specifically written for treble voices and sing primarily a cappella (unaccompanied) music from all periods and styles. Belle Canto choristers share a common desire in performing this music at the highest professional standards. Belle Canto has established a national and international reputation on the strength of many awards.

In 2016, Cantilon Choirs is pleased to announce the start of a new era. For the first time ever we will be operating a men’s choir, Vox Hominis.